Left the nest
To songs of freedom
to mature in that silver sun
from grey to gold
to learn to walk and run
and listen to the voice of reason

A bird can reach flight
and you can dance to your own song
take it from me babe
because you know the score
dance to your own tune
cant do it wrong
no regret, no pain
forever more
take it from me babe
because you know the score

Tightrope on turnout
this colliding setting
back to the grey loom of the spinning wheel
from gold to grey
crippled after running
to lose my feeling
all from one girls blessing

This isnt supposed to be some emo shit but its about how i felt after coming back from working in Greece back to Wales again help and tips are appreciated thanks
Ahem...i have some bad news....you are only allowed to post once per day....i think these are both on the same day....so......yeah...

should check out forum rules thread....(even thought their is an annoying font used)
I haz gotten gud
looks like you are a bit lucky though...it hasent been closed for posting so...you might not get noticed...*fingers crossed*
I haz gotten gud