The composition is okay, but work on the timing! Not having any percussion doesn't mean there shouldn't be rhythm. Record with a metronome if you aren't already.
I'm going to assume the bit at the end (if not the whole song) was improvised. Practice going through the chord changes, and making sure you know them inside and out.
Other than that, the lead was good. You had some great ideas, just work on the execution.
I'm going to second everything Cavalcade said. It sound like something I'd have written 5 years ago when I was just getting into instrumentals. Work on your execution and you'll play this 100x better than now. It's really not even bad, I enjoy this. It has eerie parts in it, which was unexpected. If that was intentional, great job! If not, still great job dude!
thanks, yeah i have some serious problems with the tempo(i never learn the theorical part, and no one never teach me in the guitar) and yes at the end it´s a little bit improvised, but this is a early version from about 6 months back, we(me and my band) are working in this song, that´s why y put this early version, so i can take some advices and i realy apreciate it, thanks
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