I always post crit 4 crit and I always go through and try to crit everyone who hasnt got one whenever I up a new song!

Anyways I wrote and recorded this song in less then 12 hours its got a bit of lead there were a few problems recording and the solo's not entirely finished but the core of the song's there.

I just wanted to write a catchy fun sing along song and think it's a milestone achievement song. Got a whole vision how im going to produce and once i get enough songs will be getting them done by a pro at a studio so dont mind the mixing!

Thanks for the feedback

Your song's catchy, very catchy. Even without drums and bass it's exceptionally good, but try to add some! It would bring out the more energetic side of the song.. anyway good job on this man
plans are in place got a mate whos a drummer whos a music producer who works in a studio, an accordion player and ive got a bass so i can stick a bass line down thanks good to hear it is catchy!
My favorite part of the song was the relatively fast single-note guitar (or is it bass?) notes (good!). The rhythm (chord) guitar & vocal melodies are pretty good, though somewhat repetitive. Singing is good. Double-tracking the end vocals was a good idea (perhaps more of those would be even better). Sounds good overall. Please review my music at this link:

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Hello man, the song is really good, I can imagine what it could be when it will be "finished", I'd love to see some melodic lead part during the song.
Nice job !
I felt like you were singing too many words in your phrases and it kind of sounded like you were just talking instead of singing. The singing could also use some work, but it wasn't terrible to listen to. The guitar work was nice, you had some catchy rhythms and melodies in there. Also, you should try to give your lyrics some more poetic delivery/devices. It's like you're just telling people exactly how you're feeling, very straight forward and a little boring.

Here's the link to my recording. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1483665
I liked it. I agree with MatthewLeisher about some of the singing parts, the lyrics seemed a little forced. But it wasn't bad at all. Just tighten it up and DEFINATELY get a band together This is only a demo version of the song so I can't go too hard on ya. I can tell the completed version will sound great though

check out my recording, I think you'll appreciate it in the same *Good but can be great* mentality. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1484027


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