So, I put all germanium diodes in my Boss DS-1, and almost everything in it has been replaced with high end parts, so it's not the DS-1, but I have this low end flub that just sounds harsh as all hell in the 200-1000 hz range, and it kinda makes it muddy. I haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet, and I'm wondering if ya'll can help me out.

Ok, my rig, 700 watt SS/Hybrid Trace Elliot RAH350SMX bass amp into a B-52 4x12(stock), Boss DS-1 as my grit, TS9 to tighten it up, SM-58 mic with the pop filter and a small single speaker isolation box off into a AudioChoice QM4 Mic amp, line out of mic amp into my line in on my sound card.

I low pass at 14k, high pass at 50hz, boost the high mids and low mids, and leave a boosted scooped midrange for leads, which I haven't done in this case. I have a compressor running with a quick attack and a medium release time, with a 80% hard attack. That's about all I do to the guitars EQ wise.

I'm thinking it's the speakers, cause the cab doesn't like my Valveking either, has the same flub, and I know the Trace Elliot is perfect working condition.

Anybody got any ideas? It sounds great off in the distance, but if you put your ear right up next to the speaker, you can hear the flub.

Here's a simple clip of what I'm talking about.

I'd try high passing higher, maybe 100-150hz and then multi band comping 150-300hz for the flub. Also, maybe try boosting the bass in the 100-150hz range; I can hear the fret noise, but not really the bass at all. I think if you get the bass and guitars to gel better, the flub won't even make much of a noticeable difference.
I'll try that out. Don't know how to multiband compress a specific frequency range, but I don't have much usable bass to begin with, stupid 16bit sound card wont process my line in that well. I know I need a interface, but that's beside the point.
I can't remember if you use reaper or not, but if you do, load up ReaXcomp and it's pretty intuitive from there!
Yeah, I use Reaper, I'm not a fan of the Realxcomp from what I remember, I prefer the classic compressor, just easier to use. I'll give it a shot though, I'll report back in a bit.

EDIT: Nothing I do is helping, still has that flub, it goes away after I high pass at 1000 hz, but there's not much left to work with. I'll try running it DI and see if I still get it, might be the amp, who knows.
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If it's anything like the Blues Driver, there's a cap right after the input jack that can be used to control to lows and low mids. I had to put a different one in because it was taking low end away.
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sounds like you're just hearing the "mud" frequencies... 200-350Hz. That DS1 doesn't help, especially with that fizz around 7kHz

When I mix guitars I usually hi-pass @ 120Hz, low-pass @ 6.5kHz and work down a little. Not much useful above 6k in guitars anyway. Always narrow-notch dip in the mud freqs too, usually ends up being around 275Hz
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