I found this old body while dumpster diving. The date in the neck pocket (before I spilled paint thinner on it) said "(Can't read) MAY 84" So I'm assuming it was made in 1984. It was flat black and looking like shit, so I sanded it down to the clear coat and was left with all of the original scars. It looks better in person, but I'm going to put a prewired pickguard on it with some alnico 5s. I might do a rosewood neck even though I prefer maple. Those just seem more readily available and I'm all for getting the job done quick! Well, here it is.

Can't find a reasonable MIA maple. I wanted to go all out with everything I want in a Strat, but not for over $500. To be honest, I kind of want a bare bones one, pre CBS style pickguard, Klusons, Transitional logo maple neck (or rose, as a secondary.) I did maple on my Tele, I honestly prefer it too. I just don't have the funds.
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If you do rosewood instead of maple, you will make me sad. That thing deserves a pretty maple neck.

I agree 100% I hate rosewood necks on strats, it just ugly IMO
I think rosewood would look better with those colors.
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you sure its a real strat body?
i didnt think they drilled the bridge holes all the way through to the trem cavity

doesnt matter really, still will be a fun project! =D
oh and be careful that you get a pickguard that fits. many fenders/squiers have a variation in screw hole locations. and thats even more true if its not a strat body!
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Ohhhh, the chips? They aren't all the way through. Someone just over tightened the screws. The tip of the screw came through though.
take the old one down to a shop and test fit it around, or find a template online and print the different ones out until you get one that matches

but fyi, installing hardware onto a pickguard isnt hard, so if you still want white, just get the electronics and put them on. 6 bolts for the pups, 2 for the switch, and a nut for each pot
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I know it's easy. I just don't want to risk the wiring. A couple friends have been electrocuted.
the only way youll get electrocuted on a guitar is if your ground at your amp is bad. theres not typically much "electricity" in your guitar.
trust me, the worst that can happen is you get no sound, and you try again. theres no other risks in wiring your own pickguard, unless youre soldering in the bathtub or something
you can buy a prewired pickguard though, and move the electronics over if it doesnt fit
if i were in town longer id offer to wire it up and send it to you and you could just install it on the pickguard yourself
I think my grandpa knows a bit about wiring. He might be able to help. But I sort of want a hands on teaching. I want to learn. I just want to learn it the right way the first time.
Waxed it with 3 coats of this really good smelling stuff. I focused on mainly the chips because I want to protect the exposed wood.
I don't believe that's a Fender body at all . If that's the original pickguard the screw holes aren't right, look at the two screws above the bridge and middle pickup. Plus the screw holes on the trem cavity are symmetric whereas a Stratocaster body will have offset holes. Plus I haven't seen a neck heel with a hole in the middle of the screws before, I even Google Imaged for it for and couldn't find one.

If you can provide pictures with the pickguard off I can show you more inconsistencies I bet . Hey, it's still a fun project and will give you something to learn from. I'm sure you'll make it into a nice Strat copy
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A friend told me it could be an early Japanese Fender or Squier. I actually like a lot of Japanese guitar stuff. Also, it's not the original pickguard. It's one I had lying around.