i normally don't give one shit let alone two about people promoting their band on ug, but you listed three of my favorite bands so i haaaad to check it out. it's not bad, you have some good ideas, you just have to be a lot more confident with your singing. and a real drummer would help, but you did a good job programming. overall, i'd say it could be pretty good if you got yourself a band and worked on using your voice to it's full potential. it's a tough style to sing, especially for a chick's voice. no sexism there, that's a serious statement.
Thank you SO much for checking it out! Seriously!!!
I'm getting a buddy of mine to drum on the upcoming EP., so the drums will sound much much better on the next release.
Listing B&C forced me to check it out. Yeah, a real drummer would definitely help. I feel like the rhythm guitars could have been a little more clean though.

And you need to belt those vocals. Your voice is good. Also, a little distortion on them at times would help too, I think.

Seriously though, I dig this.
I love Balance and Composure so much!!! They're too good. Thanks for the feedback!