Here's song I wrote over the course of about a month, I'm fairly proud of it and I wanted to know what UG thinks. It consists of one guitar in E Standard and one guitar in Open C. This is my first time posting a song here, so be honest, and say what you really think. I trust I can get some actual constructive criticism here.

EDIT: Part of the GP5 got messed up, so I fixed it and reuploaded.
Tip of the Tongue.gp5
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Just from the opening 8 bars, seems like excellent writing. Because you have the nice sense of melody going on and you communicate that on one track with chords over top, pretty nice. The part at 25 was pretty nice sounding too, nice little fills there.

At bar 33, where the first track sits out, I like the feel out of it and everything, but that one high G note doesn't sound like it fits too well to me. But I love when the other guitar comes in. Sounds like a key change from the intro which is cool, but again, that higher G sounds a little off, maybe just leave it out?

The solo was well written, has a lot of strong melodies throughout, and some nice faster fills. The ending fits really well too.

Overall, pretty well written, I'm sorry I couldn't give too much constuctive criticism, but it was good. I loved how much melodies you conveyed in the guitar's parts, like 41-end. Very good overall, would like to hear more of your stuff, so you should upload more. Also, you could check out my songs in my sig if you wanted to. Oh and sorry for taking a while to get back to you.
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The part at 25 was pretty nice sounding too, nice little fills there.

I just realized that this part of the song got messed up somehow, so I fixed it and reuploaded it. You said it sounded good, though, which is odd, but fine. If you feel like listening to it again, go ahead. It'll probably sound a little better.
Hey, this is quite good, I'll do my best to give you the most constructive criticism I can.

Bars (1-8): Nice little motif you have here, the Jazzy extensions amke for a wonderful atmosphere but then switches to a nearly bluesy feel in the final bars of the phrase, nice! I trust the extensions on the last bar of the phrase are tapped? Otherwise that might be inconvenient to play, and ergonomically unsuitable.
Bars (9-16): I love the counter-riffing here! Reminds me of Emperor, but not Black Metal...LOL!
Bars (17-32): Same as above. The way you construct the interplay between the two is great! I think the harmony at bar 18 on beat four is questionable. Perhaps make the initial dissonant (Augmented 4th or flat 2nd perhaps) and the final pleasant (Major 3rd or Major 6th would be suitable). I love the triplet 16th fill in bar 20. I think Guitar 2 should not stop until they both reach that point in the bar. I loved the bluesy fill too.
Bars (33-40): This shows just how creative you are with multiple tunings. Playing the same riff in the new tuning results in both tonal and modal modulation. Great job.
Bars (41-48): Same as the previously similar section from bars 9-16.
Bars (49-60): I love how the playing becomes increasingly frantic as it builds to the climax. I think the bends on an acoustic is also questionable as I don't think that would be playable (Strings would snap). I loved the phrasing at bars 52 and 55, keep that stuff up.

Overall you have a great piece with some slightly questionable phrases and execution of ideas but that doesn't detract the fact that this is a great little composition you have here. Keep up the great work here.

This is pretty awesome, like I'm seriously finding it hard to make any criticism. The only thing I can really think of is add some tapping and natural harmonics in somewhere, or a combination of the two.
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