Wrote this today while listening to some Andrew Jackson Jihad, so it's kinda got a folk-punk feel (least in my head). Any critique anyone's got would be welcome, since I'm not exactly the best lyricist in the first place. Thanks!

"Fall, 2011"

It's fall, the leaves should not be green
it's all becoming clear to me
That there won't be a change this fall
That there's never any change at all

I can sit and wait, and bide my time
until the summer sun begins to shine
but it seems there'd be no point to it
It'd be another summer, another year of shit

I waited around in your living room
We sat and talked as two years went through
a door that could never lock that time away
But that door still keeps your heart locked in anyway

When you locked me out I walked all alone
down an unlit street, and then back to your home
And then back to my car, where I realized it was done
Where I realized that I was never anyone

I hope you remember the beers and cigarettes
the walks we shared, the time we met
and I hope that what I'm thinking isn't true
That it's another time I've ****ed up through and through

If it was, then I don't know what to do
Don't waste your breath on saying it was you.