Play straight with cheap golf clubs

I have knocked many clubs in the past and this could have been avoided if I would have just paid a little extra time on cheap golf clubs and bought a head cover.Neoprene Iron CoversFor irons a favourite is the neoprene material as it is waterproof, machine washable, shock resistant with taylor made burner irons 2.0, tear resistant and chemical resistant. This is mainly down to it being a non breathable material. Neoprene golf iron covers are very popular with brand manufacturers of golf irons as they can mass produce covers, they fit universally all irons and they can print their logos on one side. Putter CoversA new craze is that putter covers have become a fashion accessory, this seems to have been started by the titleist scotty Cameron putters as it is now possible to buy literally hundreds of different kinds of covers from patriotic covers to ladies covers. TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons covers can be made out of neoprene, knitwear or faux leather.
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