I'm in sort of a weird set up. I recently built an OSX desktop and would like to use my MacBook Pro as a wireless secondary monitor via Avatron's Air Display. The performance isn't as consistent as I need it to be, and sometimes it has extreme lags. I suspect that this may be in part from my two roommates who are also streaming lots of data.

To alleviate this, I just got a 300mbps wireless N Linksys to replace the older 54mpbs B/G. It made the Air Display performance noticeably better, but still occasionally suffers extreme lag.

So I'm wondering if it will be beneficial/effective to daisy chain the 300mb router to the 54mb. The 54mb will act as the main router from the modem and host my roommates' connections while I use the 300mb as a dedicated router to connect between my desktop and Macbook while still getting Internet connection. Is there any precautions or specific things I should consider before setting up the routers this way?

And if you use Air Display, please let me know if there are other factors that might be causing bad lag.