Hundreds of eartrainer apps, metronomes, tuners and what not.

But why can't there be a little device giving out various sounds, you then have to guess which note it was and the device will tell you wrong or right.

Simply: A mobile ear-training device?
that actually sounds like a good idea, as long as it it hasn't been done before

edit: truth be told, it has been done before
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Why not train your ear by playing music?
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If you're on an Android, the app Perfect Ear is pretty good. Does interval, scale and chord identifications and reverse interval identification.
Somehow managed to read it as mobile entertainer device...
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"Perfect ear" for android.
Truth is, I only have a very cheap mobile phone, since my old and beloved personal one was stolen.

A tuner is one possibility, however. I pretty much preer the ask/answer method.
So, it looks like there is not one device out that able doing that job, expect one single device thats as cheap as 249 dollar. PerfectTone.

Thanks anyway. I will take the application for pc method. But it isn't really that comfortable to sit in front of the pc.
Why not find one of those random note generators online and sit down with your guitar and match the note to your guitar while having closed eyes? Never done it myself but it sounds a lot more entertaining than whatever you're going for

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