Hey guys, first post on this board. I'm more of a regular over at MT. I wrote something that I think it pretty cool, it's pretty rough though since I just wrote it and recorded it in the last few days.


Let me know what you guys think. I know the tone is kind of lacking, but I only have a little Marshall practice amp to work with D:
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I'd actually like to hear this... Fix the link. If it's not against the forum rules... post a youtube link. I'll give you feedback. Be sure you reply back so It shows up in my inbox.
The intro is pretty wicked - reminds me a bit of Paul Waggoner, although it needs to end a bit more smoothly, and with a huge chord (just personal preference really). Some effects behind it, like some keys and stuff could really give it some life, even just a little eight or quarter note tap on the hi-hat when you add drums even.

The riffs after all flow well and make sense structurally, although I think you should increase the tempo by about 10bpm, that way it separates the clean part more dramatically and pumps some energy into the song.

Good potential here, absolutely something that you should work on.
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Agreed that it needz drums and bass. Overall though it sounds like it would be a great metal song when it's finished.

also tone isn't lacking. Sounds like it was just single tracked in this recording though.
Good start. I like hearing things in their embryonic state and imagining how it will end up. This could end up a cracking song.

The main riff starting at 0:28 is the strongest, and it's occurence a couple of times throughout the piece sounds good each time. I imagine it returning after a real 'out there' mid-section and blasting through like an old friend come to save the day. I swear I didn't make the connection between that last sentence and the title of your track until just now!

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On that intro I would add some modulation and reverb to the repeats and maybe have more than one repeat to give it some depth/ambience. Also, I don't know if the recording is an intro/main riff type deal or if they're two unrelated things. If it's the first, i'd find a way to connect the two/make them flow into each other. The second part was solid, not much to say there except you just gotta get it a little tighter for this kind of stuff

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