I'm a bassist/clean vocalist in a metalcore band. I've done a fair bit of musical theory and so can reel off music without too much effort but the second I have to write lyrics I can't do anything. I've tried listening to other music, going outside and letting my mind wander, reading, etc. but even if I get an idea into my head I cant get it down on paper. On the rare occasion that I do get an idea down, I don't know what to do with it, everything I come up with sounds like crap and I just cant expand on it to form a song. Are there any other tricks to beating writers block?
writer's block is a MADDD!!! bitch. when i first started to get into music 6 years ago, writing lyrics was the hardest thing ever. but now i can write a book a day of lyrics. its a matter of imagination and awesomeness in your head
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I find writing with another band member helps me get ideas down. I also seem to be most creative if I take a step back from thinking about getting stuff down - sooner or later an idea just naturally forms and I take it from there. Hope that helps
Clean vocalist in a metalcore band? o_o Check out some A7x songs, that will help. My favourite metalcore band.
When I get stuck I start drawing(even if itsjust stick figures) and eventually I get more ideas