soo when i record music, the levels are all fine, its all good.
as soon as i hit play to listen back to it, its all SCHHHHH with white noise so stupidly loud and its constant, its not bursts which is a common protools problem it seems.

ideas as to what it is? (and what could fix it?)

additional information:
laptop with windows 7 32 bit
protools 8.0.5 (the windows 7 compatible version)
mbox 2
my laptop hardrive is 7200rpm, and so is my portable hard drive. the problem occurs when using either.
it occurs on sessions that i have created directly to my hardrive, and on ones that i know have worked before, and also on those that i have recorded at a friends house (using both my mbox 2 and his 003)

the thing is, it used to work fine, roughly 8 months ago it was fine. then i didnt record for about 7 months. and when i came back to it, boom. white noise. i re-installed protools, tried all i could think of (which wasnt much to be honest) and it still didnt work. thoughts anyone?

many thanks to any suggestions in advance

FIXEDIT: see post #9 for solution
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Only things I can think of, off the top of my head, were ruled out by reading further into your post, so I suggest you contact Avid/go on the Avid forums and ask there too - other people may have had the same problem and fixed it.

Also, when you say white noise do you actually mean white noise or just distorted 'nasty' noise at very high volume? If it's not actually white noise, could it be that you're using that irritating 'mix' knob on the MBox turned all the way to one side when tracking and not turning it back to listen on playback, or something similar? I'd imagine that could cause volume issues if forgotten about (and extreme volume beyond the point of clipping would cause a very loud, through compression, and very distorted signal).

Other than that, good luck with figuring out the problem and make sure you post back here if you find a solution so that anyone else who has the same problem might be able to sort it out for themselves too.
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have you tried pre-fader metering?
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Quote by fastlanestoner
have you tried pre-fader metering?

If he was clipping during tracking, I'd assume he would notice by the waveform and/or the input monitoring... but you may be right, I suppose, in which case TS is a fool
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Quote by fastlanestoner
have you tried pre-fader metering?

care to elaborate? i havent heard that exact term before.
though i do probably know what it means, i have a diploma in music engineering lol.
when tracking, the signal levels are fine, the waveform looks great, everything looks absolutely brilliant.
when i hit playback, the signal meter majiggy just goes to absolute full complete noise

as for white noise/distorted noise, ive always called it white noise whether its right or not. there is no distinguishable sound coming from it. its just one long shhhhh

thanks for your help anyway guys
contact tech support man. also when you re-installed did it delete the settings your originally had or did it save. i don't know the uninstall process for pro tools but i know on my daw you can save your settings in case you re-install. if this is the case you want to make sure you are back at default settings.

the singal meter majiggy you are refering to...is that the master meter?
Your Mbox is going, same thing happened to mine
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Quote by lockwolf
Your Mbox is going, same thing happened to mine
to be honest, i dont think its the mbox.
it wouldnt show the sound going crazy on the program if it was just a hardware issue. im thinking its something to do with a setting in my protools that im not realising. anyway, hopefully someone from another forum im on lets me know, and ill let you guys know for any further ug'ers
booom double post.
but for a good reason; its fixed.

okayy things i did, turned off usb power management (windows 7)
changed my power plan so that it never turns off the display, and never puts the computer to sleep.
and also made sure my hard drive is never put to sleep to save power.
it was one of those things it seemed.

and if anyone ever has the same problem another forum also informed me that turning off the wireless adapter is another thing to try, and also check if any plug-ins have expired (though i dont have any)

thanks for all your suggestions recording forum