Let me start this off by saying that I don't take my higher end guitars out and about. I play 80's/90's rock & metal. I have 2 Jackson Dinkys, exactly the same, that I use when I leave the house. Ok here's the deal. I ordered set of Dragonfire screamers to install in one of them. So this will be kind of like an A/B comparison since I can switch between the stock guitar and the modded one. Before installation I ohmed the new pickups to see how close they were to the spec. The bridge pickup was 16.9K and the neck was 8.3K. Just like the specs said. These pickups have ceramic magnets in them. I removed the stock Jackson pickups and they ohmed at 10.6K for the bridge and 10.4K for the neck. After installation and comparing the two guitars to one another what I noticed was the bridge pickup was hotter with more drive created without changing any effects settings. The "rubber band" type sound was gone. The bridge pickup created more high end and drive but the single notes inside chords seemed to have more clarity even with distortion. The neck pickup was like night & day compared to the stock one. Pick attack on clean settings was very nice and not muddy and each note is pronounced and more full. As all reviews are subjective I'll wrap this up by saying that I'm quite pleased with these pickups. I paid $33+change for the 2 humbuckers. For the price, and the results I achieved, I will definitely be ordering another set for my other Dinky. I hope someone finds this review helpful. Thanks.
Sorry. Forgot to add that. I used a Fender Mustang III, a Line 6 Spider III, and also a Boss ME-70.
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Sorry. Forgot to add that. I used a Fender Mustang III, a Line 6 Spider III, and also a Boss ME-70.

get ready for the bandwagon haters...
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Sorry. Forgot to add that. I used a Fender Mustang III, a Line 6 Spider III, and also a Boss ME-70.


i can't imagine what your higher end guitars could be.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
actually you might have the anti-bandwagon effect (EDIT: or not )- since most people here don't like the spider, and think that most cheaper modellers minimise differences between guitars and pickups, if he could hear a noticeable difference through that rig, you'd (most likely) hear a much bigger difference through tube amps.

sounds good, thanks for the review, by the way.
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Thanks for the review. I had an Ibanez with some Dragonfire Power Rails in it. I couldn't believe how good they sounded for the price. I have a Les Paul copy that I'll be swapping pickups. It might be Dragonfire or GFS.
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Ahhh. Now I remember why I don't visit forums very much.

Why because you can't deal with one person criticizing you?

Not a bad review, but it could be helped by paragraphing, just looking at huge walls of text without structure puts me off a little bit.

And yes, most people will say that whilst a pickup change will make a difference, amps have a far greater affect. And most people dislike the sound of spiders.

Could you post clips by the way? Especially of the comparison with your stock dinky?
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