I'm modding a guitar and will be using a rotary pickup selector. In my final design, the only hole in the guitar top that isn't used is the one that currently houses a standard Gibson style pickup selector. The only thing I can think of is a kill switch. Any other ideas of what a pickup selector switch can be wired for?
can switch directly as a tone switch that would have 3 settings (like rolling tone half, then all the way down)
could also (this is an idea i just today posted about that i thought of) use it to switch and cut low tones, so only the highs pass through on a certain pickup (would have a normal setting, a fairly trebley setting and a quite trebley setting)
like you said, kill switch, but it would have to have position 1 be normal, and 2 and 3 both be kill
you could run it as a blower switch, but your middle setting would be more like, half blown which would be interesting
if theyre humbuckers you can use it to split the coils (if theyre 2 wire humbuckers you can convert them to 3 or 4 wire)

those are a few
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to have a ToneStyler installed so I don't think I need the tone switch option.

What's a blower switch?
It's simple. Coil tap. North coil, both, south coil. Just choose which pickup you'd want to use it with.
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