So, I've gotten off my break from recording, and I have this nine-minute half-piece... I haven't mixed it all the way, no drums, and no vocals quite yet. I'm just looking to get some comments on the arrangement. Oh, and if you want to work on the drums, send me a PM or leave a comment in the thread.

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/L2112Lif/music/play1047816 : Is the link

Now, get listening, and rack up some comments!
just off the chords you use i could tell you were a fan of STP without even looking at all your recordings. Give the bass more presence in the mix. The synth patch sounds cheesy to me, but just because i don't dig it too much doesn't mean it shouldn't be there if you get me. I personally would just make the synth part another guitar part, or an electric piano part. The first solo was mixed and recorded the way i felt it naturally should've been, which is a good thing. Second solo didn't have enough backing imho, but i guess i gotta keep in mind that there are no drums or vocals so of course it's going to sound sparse at times. I dug the keys after the second solo. Maybe a bit too much of the crazines at the end?

All in all, it was sweet.

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Intro guitar riff is good, but it needs more of something else (I know you're not done). The synth is fine, but barely audible. Lead guitar is nice! The guitar after that is too quiet. Back to nice lead guitar. Interesting noises now! What you have so far is good, but only sounds half complete, so the song could sound a lot different by the time you finish this. Please review my music at this link: