^Yeah basically. It's not like it's poorly written or anything. The drum parts were fun and entertaining, the riffs had good feel, the let rings at bar 75-76 were nice, and the chorus lead was really really catchy. But it's not anything original at all really. And that in turn makes it a little boring. And that ending breakdown didn't really do anything for me, doesnt really pump you up or anything. However, thanks for only having one breakdown and making it towards the end of the song haha. The outro was by far the best part, pretty good writing there actually. I think that some bass would really help this song sound less flat, especially at the breakdown, chorus, and the outro. The outro could sound really cool with some bass actually. So overall, the song was good for what it is, but a little generic. However, which you had going in the outro was really nice, so definitely keep working on that!

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Thanks for critting! I came up with most of this song in july and the outro i did a couple of weeks ago so maybe i've developed in that time . I agree with you about the main riff is really generic and i hope my bands singer will make it less boring when we gonna play the song. Actually i think i gonna fix da bass when i got nothing else to do. I mainly wrote this song in GP to get midi drums for my recording.

Will critt back soon on one of your post-hardcore songs even though im on the same level to critisize those :P