My vocal teacher asked me to look for a song by a solo artist to perform early next year. I tried some Jack Johnson and John Mayer stuff, but they're a bit too complicated for me to play and sing effectively to at the same time.

Can anyone please suggest some songs.. and possibly where I can get the backing tracks for them?

Ray Lamontage, Damien Rice, or Amos Lee

What style are you most interested in?
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Those sorts of songs are a good place to start, but you might want to practice them differently. Try playing them slowly first, without vocals, and then work up to speed, adding vocals. Or you could work on the chord shapes first, then add the picking/strumming patterns once you have the chords down.
Hope it helps.
Thanks for your help, Crimson Ghost- they're really talented, and definitely just gained one more fan, but im looking for more of a contemporary style.
And Cavalcade, thanks for the advice, I'll try it out. But the problem is for me, strumming and picking don't really work well together (especially while singing); that's why I'm looking for other artists.
If you're looking for stuff to play on your own, check out Paul Weller's Days Of Speed album.

It's just him and an acoustic guitar and in my opinion some of the tracks sound better like that than the original versions did.
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