A song about aging. Casper GT custom guitar through a FuzzBubble-45 pedal and a Boomerang Chorus*Delay pedal.

There's a phrase in the song... "keep a little cozy corner in your heart for me"... do a search on it... the intro on a 1904 recording that was extracted.



Woe is me, I’m a little light shining dimly in the corner…
Waiting for a surge of intensity from you.

It all began, I don’t know when, but having life meant dying.
From the sun comes rain, from joy comes certain pain.

Highlights of my life are marred with low expectations.
“I can” to old man, withering days as time drifts away.

(Keep a little cozy corner in your heart for me)

It all starts in the playpen, a know-nothing with a sly grin.
Next you’re heading to high school, then a job, you’re so cool… living the lie.

Rocking horse to rocking chair, it’s a sign.
Boyish charm to graying hair, it’s a crime.
Save a penny, pay your pension, it’s a trend.
Spend a lifetime planning for the bitter end.

Don’t you worry about me.