Sorry for the painfully generic title,

Basically, i do music tech at college, and they told us to form make shift bands, and cos i didnt have my guitar on me i blagged a diy fretless encore bass.

And despite its crapness, i really enjoyed playing it.

This has made me want a bass, and i know from looking on ebay i want an SG style bass of some sort, but this is beside the point.

Seeing as i know what bass i want, i need some help with amps.

Cos im a guitarist, im a complete noob with basses and bass amps.

Whats the best amp you recon i could get for about £150?

I'd like it to be tube, as the amp i was using in music was tube and sounded alright, and versatility would be good. Though im mainly a classic rock player so keep that in mind. People who inspire me as far as bass is concerned would be geezer butler and john paul jones.

Im fine to buy second hand, and a combo is fine.


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I'd like it to be tube

You can forget that right now. Tube bass amps are relatively uncommon, and generally very very expensive. Most bass amps are SS or hybrids, and anything and everything in your price range is going to be SS.

Keep your eye out for used gear, I'd recommend trying to find a practice amp by Peavey, Ashdown, or Kustom in your budget.
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I wouldn't say tube bass amps are relatively uncommon (I mean what's more common than an SVT?), but they are nonexistent for 150 pounds.

For people in the US I recommend used peavey and carvin most of the time. That might be a bit more pricey on your end, so I'd look for ashdown as Tostitos has mentioned or Trace Elliot. I know very little about pricing over there, but both companies have decent lower end amps that pop up used pretty often. We'll have to wait for some UK bass players to give better advice.
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I wouldn't say tube bass amps are relatively uncommon (I mean what's more common than an SVT?), but they are nonexistent for 150 pounds.

Rare compared to guitar tube amps live, and expensive and most brands carry relatively few tube amps if any compared to their ss lineup, and besides JPJ used a acoustic amp which was solid state and an 18" cab wasn't it?

The Epiphone EB basses (SG) are ok, but they are much better with a pickup and a string switch.

get something thats 200+watts and doesnt say behringer on it.

Edit: Geezer butler used a P bass and played through a guitar amp into a guitar cab (DO NOT EMULATE HIM AMP AND CAB WISE !!!*DANGER*!!!)

JPJ also played a fender Jazz bass, both are full scale fender basses. EB style bass think Jack Bruce and cream.
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Well, im deffo a noob! ahaha.

SS is fine then, if it sounds ok. I assumed the amp i used was tube because the sound took a while to appear after i turned it on.

I'd much rather use an SG over a jazz bass, the encore one was a copy of a JB but ive just watched a clip of jack bruce on his SG and it looks spot on.

I'll get round to checking those amps out
A peavey century 200h amp is on ebay, it looks vintage, what is this sort of thing like?

Oh, and must stick this here, this is spot on!

I'm assuming 150 british tokens of wealth = $300ish? and then epi might be more expensive?

A I suggest if you get the EB-0/3 look in pawnshops, used, and then, how much is that head? you'll need a bass cab, and it's only 100 watts, which is fine I guess if you can still afford a cab
Chris White of the Zombies also used an EB bass and his tone his killer on the Odessey and Oracle album. Flatwound strings will also help with the classic tone. And if you need even more, foam mute under strings near bridge.

As for amps, definitely go used, you'll get more for you money. Are you playing with people? If so a practice amp might not work. If you can find at least a 50w amp, that might hold up just jamming with people but it will not sound good. I recently used a 30w cheapo to play with a country band(two guitars and drums) and my amp was cranked and the speaker was farting out, but it was audible.
For an amp, look for a small Ashdown rig, I have a 130 watt with 12 inch speaker for practice and have used it for small gigs. British made and dependable.

ESP make a SG style bass.
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Ah cheers for all this guys!

I want it to be able to play above a band, so it can be used for small gigs, any bigger gigs it can be mic'ed.

ESP one doesnt look bad, but its a bit metal for me, the epi one is a bit more classic looking!

This isnt going to be a super full on experience for me, guitar is my thing and this will be a bit of fun on the side, if it ever did get serious i'd just buy a gibson version!

But yes, i'll keep an eye out. I always try and get stuff second hand if i can, gets you far more for your money.

I'll keep you informed
I'd honestly just advise against the SG basses. They're attractive to guitarists because SG's are pretty good guitars, but ultimately very few successful bassists play them, and that's for a reason. They can only do one sound well, and that's being muddy and indistinct. That might appeal to you now, but if you branch out more a few months down the line after becoming more comfortable playing bass, you're stuck.

Something like a Fender (something used by both the artists you suggested as influences) would be able to do a pretty similar tone to an SG if you wind the bridge pup down a bit (if you have a Jazz) and roll of the tone, but equally you will have a much wider tonal variety at your fingertips.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that because a certain company or certain model are good guitars, the same will be true for their basses, because more often than not it isn't.

As for amps - go second hand. Cheap 10-20 year old solid state stuff from brands such as Trace Elliot, Peavey, Laney (avoid the new stuff like the plague), etc. You'll get a bigger, louder, sonically superior, and more reliable piece of equipment for your money.