I will be mostly playing indie and hardcore punk stuff and i am getting a nice combo amp so i would like to keep my budget around 300.
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I'd go with an LP, something like an Epiphone or Vintage. Gould also make an excellent version.

The only real advice though, is to go to a guitar shop and try a few out and buy the one YOU like best, not the one other random people on the internet think you should have.
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ibanez rg series, also take a look at the ltd line in that budget...
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I would recommend not getting guitars with Floyd Rose style trems in this price range. Most of the time they are crappy trems and are not worth the time unless you want to spend an extra $200 on a (schaller) Original Floyd Rose.
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Everyone has said something different, mostly because it just depends on your sound and the feel of the guitar. IMO go play a bunch.. You will find out alot of the sexy ones play like shit and some of the ones you didn't like the look of feel amazing..

Keep in mind at a "guitar center" type of store most of them will be poorly setup, but you still can get a decent feel.

The only thing I really think is important is staying away from trems with this price range. (as mentioned above)
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