i already put some lemon oil on the fretboard on around July. after playing it in the heat its all gunky and dirty. the frets look hydrated except for the first 2. should i take off the strings and put some lemon oil on it. o yeah also should i change the strings? because they are dirty and very gunky but they still sound great.

a luthier once told me that that stuff only makes things worse in the long run

that it seeps in and eventually dries out and your wood then wants more juice

it may seem like a good temp fix - but i wouldn't do it.

you can actually use .0000 steel wool if you're careful. trust me. I've done it.
I'd just do a good wipe down to get the gunk off first. Same thing goes for the strings. Some people like dirty & dingy strings. Then decide if you need to use a conditioner on the fretboard and/or change strings. And remember, a little goes a LONG way.

My Fender has a very nice rosewood fretboard and I've only had to use Gibson Fretboard Conditioner on it once in over 23 years.
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i used to use Lemon Oil every time I changed the strings. Did it feel good for the first week or so after? Yes. Is it worth it in the long run? No

change your strings and use GHS Fast Fret applicator. That stuff rocks. It is more of a string cleaner.

if you do ever decide to use .0000 steel wool make sure you go lengthwise with the grain of the rosewood, not too hard, focusing on the frets, and make sure you cover up your pickups with a towel.

never ever use steel wool or lemon oil or really anything else besides some mildly soapy water on a Maple Neck !!!
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yeah i guess ill go easy on it and just wipe off the gunk, i normally clean the frets with steel wool anyways
Are you using fretboard cleaner, or actual lemon oil? Cause the latter will **** up your fretboard after a period of time.

The former is perfectly safe to use. I've used the Gibson stuff, and the Dunlop stuff. I prefer the Gibson, but they both work well.
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
That's what I used.

I stopped.

why? did anything bad happen or did you just stop?
i've used ghs fast fret for years. great stuff imo.

i've never had to use a lemon oil.
Quote by sickassfoo
why? did anything bad happen or did you just stop?

nothing major happened I just stopped.

That said, I do now have some 'white'ish discoloring' on my rosewood board of my strat. It looks like other boards I've seen that get dried out. The oil on your skin and the Fast Frets stuff should be enough.

Others may disagree - I'm just giving you a strong one sided view and I used to love that Lemon Oil shit.
Quote by sickassfoo
i use this thing from Kyser called DR. Stringfellow lem-oil

I also use this brand's string cleaner but I think it doesn't help much...the strings still rust pretty quickly
how is lemon oil bad for the wood? its suppose to put oils into the wood not dry it out isnt it? if not why even use it all?
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it does hydrate the wood at first. it seeps in and dries out later.

short term = slick and fun

long term = not so much

CorduroyEW, the luthier on UG I'm talking about, told me that it is like a drug. The more you use it the more your wood need to stay hydrated. It will dry out and possibly causing clouding and cracking and shit. You would be better off keeping it out of the direct sun light and such and everyone's body chemicals are different - so things like rusty strings or damaged frets/boards can often be case by case.
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shit. well im just not going to use at all then. i love my les paul and its the one i try to take the best care of, and here i am f*cking it up in the long run thats lame. i wanna be buried with it looking fresh not like ass.
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