Hey all, I know this is kind of random, and I've used the searchbar, but I remember some guy coming on here trying to get people to vote for his band to be sponsored by marshall and I remember them having a crazy awesome song. I just can't remember the name of the band or the song. Can the pit help out?
Sons of Icarus, yeah.

Song was probably You Want It All.
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Yep. Sons of Icarus. They fucking rock.
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I think it was the song Not Myself by Sons of Icarus...which I still have yet to find how to play the riff for that song.
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I think it was that Slash guy, and his 'Guns N Roses' band.
Sons of Icarus.

Steve The Plank is one of the guitarists.
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Hah, just heard about this thread.

It was probably this song:

Or this one:

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