Ok I searched the forums and find pictures of this guitar, but nobody ever has any info on who built it or if it is even a functioning guitar. I would love to contact the luthier that did it, maybe get some tips on making one myself out of a Gibson-style V.

So does ANYBODY here know where this guitar came from?

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Beating people to the punch, like a boss.

Anyway... pretty sure that is the original now. Just give them a call or an e-mail. It doesn't look like that site's been updated in a good while, but you might could contact them (him? It might be just one guy) and see about having something similar done.

Also, zomg Hocus Pocus!
It's "Rhoads" btw. Not trying to be a smartass or anything, but his name frequently gets spelled wrong and it's a little annoying.

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Yeah I should've googled it before I searched here lol. Not really digging the Nautilus though, cool design but don't like the stuff in between the point on the bottom. The Villanizer is pretty sick though. Thank you very much for all the info, appreciate it.

@GibsonMan321 Funny story, I had a buddy with the last name Rhoades, and he'd get all pissed when I confused it with Rhoads. Between hanging out with him and being a fan of Randy, I never could keep the two straight lol.
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