Anyone know a good website to get band stickers made CHEAP? They have to be 3"x3" squares and outdoor-usable. I can't find any great sources...
outdoor durability is a must- these will be all over venues and possibly the old high school around here haha
There's special paper you can buy to make it yourself. It's the same size as normal paper, so I don't think you need a special printer. It's just one side is glossed or something (the side the printed image will be on), and the other is a peel-off sticker side. Just print a bunch on a page, cut them out, problem solved. I don't know where you could find it though; maybe an office supplies shop, or a craft store
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Go to Officemax. Either have the Impress people make them, or buy a sheet of adhesive-back printer paper as was suggested above.

And while you're there, buy a laptop with a MaxAssurance Service plan...you'll make an employee's day
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Spray on gloss can be bought at any art store. You spray it over the poster and the writing will stay protected. Cheaper than office max.
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