Ok here goes i have a Line 6 Spider Iv 30 wat 1 x 12 amp.

wel i been messing with it and messing with it trying to get the best metal sound i can metal im talking chimaira lamb of god etc, I am droped to Drop C but i also play other tunings
Standard - Standard Drop D
D standard and Drop C

anyways my amp is this one here

it does have effects on that amp and 4 different channles
channles are
clean crunch metal and insane
effects are
•Sweep Echo
•Tape Echo

now i do not use the effects because i run through a multi effect pedal and a boss metal zone mt2. i do use the reverb tho for like soloing. right now the BAss is on the 4th button witch is little over a quarter of the way up, mid is 9 O clock treble same as the bass.. and there is a drive witch also changes the sound of the clean channle. and i use the clean channle cause i use pedals. but i want the best metal tone i can get. ive been wondering if i should click itt o insane turn drive up and use the pedal wondering what kinda sounds i could get.. i just want the best sounds so if any one has this amp and uses it.. could u kinda post ur settings!!!

many thanks