Hi all,

I am a guitarist of 7 years and am finally purchasing an all tube head to compliment my new Les Paul guitar which just makes my old rig sound like a toy. I usually play British style rock, hard rock, soft rock, punk and some metal. Bands that are similar to my style are Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Rise Against, Story of the Year etc.. Currently I'm looking at purchasing one of the following amps as well as a cabinet. My price range for the amp head is 1200 and the speaker cab is about 650-700. I also play in a band which will be touring at some point which is why I am looking for a head instead of a combo. Any suggestions, clips or opinions would be appreciated. I would prefer to get the head new as I'll be hoping to get quite a bit of use out of it.

Also I am not sure which speakers would be good. I've read that an X pattern with the G12T-75's and the V30's sound bomb however it supposedly has a lower wattage rating. Should I mix the speakers or go all out on a single speaker?

Randall rm100 ( Current choice )
Peavey 6505
Jet City JCA100HDM
Carvin v3
Marshall JCM2000 / JCM800 ( USED )
[Any Others?]

Avatar 4x12 custom Cab (If so which speakers?)
Mesa 4x12 Cab
Marshall 4x12 1960A Cab
Vader 4x12 Cab
[Any Others?]
Well, I have the RM100 and it's probably the most versatile amp out of those choices, simply because of the different modules. Each of those amps have pretty different distortion sounds though, so whichever one you think you need and sounds the best is the one you should get.

As far as the cab goes, the Mesa or Avatar would be the best. Avatar is great for getting exactly what you want speakerwise if you have a specific preference, and Mesa is just great all around without really needing to mess with anything.

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Thanks for the reply!

I've also heard the the RM100 can be a bit noisy? Is this true? If so how much and is it something a NS-2 in the effects loop can't fix?

I'm thinking about the Avatar 4x12 with Vintage 30's which sound better to my ears but I have yet to heard the X pattern of the two. Anyone have any clips of them?
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Thanks for the reply!

I've also heard the the RM100 can be a bit noisy? Is this true? If so how much and is it something a NS-2 in the effects loop can't fix?

Amps are noisy. It's a wise choice to get a noise gate to have around, they aren't to much really.
Check out the Marshall DSL50. Pretty versatile head that should be right up your alley for what you want. You'll probably want a boost for some of the heavier stuff, and a noise gate just cause those are good to have. And an EQ pedal, cause those are also good to have. Lol.
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for versatility the V3 blows everything on there out of the water. it will nail any tone that you want. second for versatility is the Rm100 but honestly at 200 bucks a pop for a module can get expensive.

my vote is for the V3 or V3m and you really cant go wrong with an avatar or mesa cab with v30's
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+1 on the V3
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