Hails!!! everybody
if u guys could lend us yours ears for some minutes and let us know what u think!!!!would be really great




Sacred Guardian, this band was formed in 2006 by very young talents by that time, Jose Blondet(Guitar) and Alberto Maldonado(former-bass), then the other musicians came to fill the vocals and drums Gustavo Rodriguez(Vox) and Rafael Maldonado(former-Drums). In 2009 Raly Vega (Sacrilegio, Solvo Animus, Narval, Dantesco) came to fill the bass and Luis Roman to play the drums. After recording the first album Luis Roman left the band and Miguel Droz came to fill in his place. With this line up Sacred Guardian is captivating the metal scene of Puerto Rico with their taste for classic metal. The influences of the band are several, from Dio and Black Sabbath to bands like Omen and Agent Steel, giving the band the power to be ranged in the type of Wolf, Sacred Steel or Battle Ram. Sacred Guardian finished recording their first album early this year (2011), and is searching for labels interested in the band's music proposal.
Sounds pretty awesome. I like what you guys are doing. But I have to say that your band name is really generic, and your logo looks a lot like Blind Guardian's. I'm only saying this because I'm afraid you'll get lost in a sea of other retro-metal bands without something on the surface that makes you stand out. Because musically, you're better than most new bands playing this kind of music. Good luck, and stay metal.
thanks for your advice and comment i clearly understand what you mean but we have to use that art for our first album lol we already paid for it soo...it would be a waste just to trow it away

good to know someone really likes it from far away thanks again!