I have a semi-hollow body Ibanez AJD, and I'm going to replace the pickups with Seymour Duncan 59 bridge and a Jazz neck. Being semi-hollow, there's no easy way to get to the wiring under the tone/volume knob, so I planned on just cutting the wire underneath the pickups and wiring the new pickups to the old cable (I'm going to throw out the stock pickups most likely so keeping them useable is not an issue).
My problem is, the Jazz pickup has a 4 conductor cable...how would I go about splicing that with the old cable, or is that not possible?
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i did just what youre doing on my artcore.
first, dont leave TOO much excess wire underneath, i was told that can effect sound.
second, your 4 wire humbucker will come with reading material. the 2 extra wires you will not use, so you want to connect them to each other, and tape them off. dont tape them separately, they must be connected together. your reading material will tell you which ones those are. im guessing the SD jazz pup is the same one i put in my artcore too it was something like sn-2 or sh-2 or something like that, i dont remember. the instructions are underneath the foam inside the container, fyi, in case it looks like there is none =p
So I'm about to try and wire it in, but wanted to check a few things real quick.
When you say tape off the ones I don't need (red and white in this case), do I need to solder them too, or just tape them together? Wire touching or not necessary?
What do I do with the black ground wire? The wire coming from the pots (the one from the old pickup) only has bare wire and white wire in it. Presumably I solder the bare to bare and the green to white?
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the new bare and the new black ground go to the old ground wire from the pot. the new green is the lead, goes to the old white wire.
the two "extras" (new red/white), will be together, wires 'touching', soldered or twisted or whatever you do, then taped off.
all good?