So, I have my awesome BC Rich Warlock just leaning on my couch, still plugged into my amp as I go to answer the door.
My Mum's freind comes in with her crazy 6 year old daughter who ran amuck, breaking my precious antique thumbpicks, threw all my other picks on the floor, picked up my Warlock and started strumming the open strings like "LA LA LA LA DRONE DRONE DRONE", told her to put it down and when she puts it down she just dropped it, thankgod not too high only like a couple of inches, but still.
I was like :O

Her mum smacked her, but anyway, the problem is my cable end plugged in the guitar has bent, and I cannot pull it out of the guitar's input jack. It inserts all the way in so it's plugged in, but the tone is really fuzzy and unclear, and the main problem is I can't take it out.

I have no guitars to play at the moment since one has a broken string, I lent the other one to a freind and this one's got an broken amp cable stuck in it.
I tried to take it to a music shop today to buy my string and fix this problem, but they were shut but now I;m conveintly unbanned from UG so I can ask you guys.

Godspeed people.
If you screw the jack input plug out of the guitar, you'd be able to easily take it out.

You can forget about saving the cable though, if it's bent and the signal is unclear, it's broken.
I unscrewed the 4 screws holding in the input jack, so I had the input jack assembly out of the guitar, still wired up.
I tried pushing it out from there, but It appears the actual jack peice that gets inserted inside the guitar itself is bent.
This is defiantly a professional thing lol, planning on taking it into town again today but it turns out its a public holiday here in Australia. *Rageface*.
And although I can still play the guitar, I just broke a string on it and I don't have any spares.

Well thanks for your help guise.