i currently have a Peavey Vypyr 30 which is very good for the price and the fact i only play in the spare bedroom (aka i dont gig) but as the back bedroom is soon to become a nursery for baby no 2 the computer my MAME cab and all my guitar stuff have to be relocated, so as we are already limited on space im wondering if its possible to use my computer as my amp and if so what interface would i need.

budget wise i wouldnt want to be spending much more then i would get for selling the vypyr as the xmas and getting ready for the new arrival will be taking priority as far as money goes

ive had a look at the line 6 pod studio and guitarport but dont know if you can play direct from them without any lag
Line 6 pod HD 300/400/500= great line-in sound and cab emulators, would work great on any stereo/guitar/hi-fi amps, or just headphones.
Get some decent sound card, like cheapo Audigy 2 ZS. Plug guitar in, run Guitar Rig and have fun.
I use GR 4, it's got some 'decent' marshall tones (for a software of course), sustain sux serious ballz, but it's more than enough for practicing scales and stuff while i'm saving cash for full stack JCM 800.
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wont both the guitar rig interface and the line6 pod HD's be more then double what i would get for the Vypyr though?

You only need 1 of those.

Guitar Rig= software will work only via computers, and you need a good audio card.

Line 6 pod hd 300 is a processor pedal, you can use it with any speakers/amps, or just plug headphones into it.

You can use it even at live shows, just plug it into the PA.
You don't need your computer - pretty much all multi FX units have a headphones jack, so you could just get one of those & plug headphones in.
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If you want to use your PC as a guitar amp, download a free standalone VST loader, VST amp sims, cab impulses, and VST effect packs. They're all free for the most part. You can get quite a nice tone if you spend some time adjusting everything just right.

You'll also need ASIO drivers and it is recommended that you either get a good video card or digital interface box (UX2, M-Audio, etc).