Hey all,
New on here and was needing a little bit of advise from any one who uses a looper.

I have been thinking of getting one and so far have had a go of the Boss rc30, the Digitech jamman and also the line6 loopstation.
The line6 went straight back in the box as it keeps trying to "model" the sound of my guitar and the other two where"OK"...
I went home to do a bit of research and finally decided, it is going to be the either the rc50 or the rc 300 both by Boss.
They appear to be what I want on paper but there is a hefty price difference between the two and both say they are the flagship model??
Price is not the problem, I just want everything to link up together via midi as and when I buy them ( Drum machines, keyboards and recorders ) to make a mini studio.
Well the "kids" have got jobs now and I can now spend some money on myself to kit out my mans room with stuff I have always wanted!

If money isn't an issue, I'd get the 300. It looks like it has some really cool features.
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