I was wondering if anybody knew the settings for a Digitech RP90 to achieve a Hair/Glam tone similar to Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., Cinderella, etc...
does it have amp models? if so, jcm800 or soldano, and maybe with an od boost in front (assuming it'll let you do all that, i'm not too well up on multi fxes)
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I'm not sure how the digitech rp90 works, but a good hair metal tone can basically be summed up as:

Lots of gain, a fair amount of treble and mid (perhaps less bass), lots of compression, and other things like delay, chorus etc. a noisegate will reduce unwanted feedback.

use a bridge humbucker pickup on your guitar if possible.

and plenty of volume \m/

I have a RP90, we're like twins

Try the default 45, and 42 settings, they;re pretty close, and I'd tweak from there.