Basically I bought an old mandolin a while back with the purpose of making it playable. I'm almost finished but I still need to put a new nut in. I've sanded it so it's the right height and width, but it's still too thick (in the string direction if you know what I mean. To be honest I'm too lazy to sand it (I'd need to remove a good half of it) so I was wondering, could I just make the slot on the mandolin bigger?
I suppose you could but it might throw up problems with weakening the neck joint. You'd have to watch out for tuning problems with the string sticking in the nut grooves, and all sorts.

You'd probably be better off just sanding the nut.
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yeah i dont see any reason why you wouldnt be able to do that. Just know that if you mess up a $5 or $10 nut then you can buy a new one, but if you mess up the nut shelf in some way then it becomes harder to fix
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