Hi just bought a Left handed synyster special. The guitar came with 9's on it and came setup in standard and played and sounded great. I then tuned it to drop D with these strings and it still was all great after adjusting it.

But after this i changed to ernie ball skinny top heavy bottom string and put it to drop D again and balenced out the bridge to be flush by adjusting the springs etc. The guitar stays in relative tune while divebombing but the problem is the tension in the strings. When i play it seems the high end strings are really tight and the lower ones slightly looser and when trying to bend the G B and high E it is a lot harder to do so to get a full tone bend. Anyone know what i can do to make this nicer / easier to play on?

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usually when you drop the low E down to D you put a little more tension on the rest of the strings if its a Floyd Rose. It just happens. I like to play with heavy strings cuz it strengthens my fingers but you can always take off the high strings and get smaller gauge strings like a set of 8's or 9's if your in Drop D. I think the Ernie ball Skinny top heavy bottoms are 10's but I would try a set of Dunlop strings. When i switched from Ernie ball to Dunlop, they seemed to have less tension and I have never broken a string since. Try a set of like 10-52's or something from Dunlop
Yeah i might try that then, i was thinking there might be some way to reduce string tension somehow lol? Cause when i used the other strings the tone was good tbh and it didnt sound weak at all but if i had put those on another fixed bridge guitar of mine they would be floppy as hell. Is there nothing i can do to the guitar to reduce string tension then with these strings on? Like with the action?

P.S. im seeing trivium december 1st haha
Got both my Schecter Avenger Standard and my Ibanez Xiphos strung with EB STHBs. The Schecter's in Drop D and lately the Ibby has been kept in Standard. Never had any issues other than having to by shorter claw screws for the Xiphos.

My other FR guitar is an RG with EB 9s. No issues there, either. Maybe it's something you just get used to.

What Trivium7's talking about is more pronounced with a floating bridge, but it also holds true to an extent with a hardtail due to neck tension.