Hey guys, so uh i am new on forum, forgive if i break rules. So I was planing to buy a guitar in earlier 2012. Now I am using an Ibanez RG270, and marshall avt2000 as amp.
I am new to guitar, so i play it since last year. So the models I think about:

Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster blacktop HH
Ibanez RGA72TQME
Ibanez MTM2
Dean DC6F
Gibson Flying V Cherry

So I can't decide between these. I love playing rock and metal, and also blues and jazz.
So as i already own a guitar for metal, I think fender blacktops can be good. I am still not sure about their high-gain tones yet. But, I also would like to have a better metal guitar, but then I won't be able to play jazz, blues, and classical rock. I don't have a pre-amp or pedal set, I am going to buy a pre-amp soon, but then which guitar to choose? Can you select one between them or suggest me a guitar for max 1000-1200 $ and also a cheap but good pre-amp with pedal? Thx for every comment
You should get the fender blacktop telecaster..it's real mean sounding and has a lot of bite with the dual humbucking pickups.
Alright, most of those guitars you listed are very different from each other. You might want to go to a store first, try out a bunch of guitars, then figure out what you like/want with a guitar. Don't worry about what guitar to play what genre with, you can play any genre with any type of guitar. Some players just prefer certain instruments for different sounds. As for a pre-amp and pedal. What do you mean by pre-amp? You already have a pre-amp in your Marshall so I dont see the point unless your only going to use it as a power amp (if that's possible). Also, what kind of pedal are you looking for?