I have a squier strat, a couple years old. As of recent sometimes when i plug in the cable to the guitar it wont make any noise. I wiggle it around a bit and that sometimes helps or i turn off the amp and unplug/replug everything. Also, today i bumped the pickup selector switch and the sound died but when i wiggled it back a bit it made music again. So what do i need to do to get rid of this problem instead of just wiggling things and praying.
alright, I've had this problem before and i fixed it i just dont wanna hav it come back again
Rather than wiring, these are more likely connection problems. A squire strat isn't usually the best guitar in tems of all around quality, but it can easily be repaired. I would reccomend taking it to your local music store before accidently breaking something more than connections.
But in terms of home remedies, you can first unscrew the input on the guitar (the front-mounted metal thingy with a hole in it) and check to see if the main lug (the one bent at the end) is touching the cable when you plug it in. If it is and no sound comes out, then your culprit is most likely faulty wiring, which can be a hassle to go through sometimes.