After revisiting the built-in compressor on my amp and messing with one in-the-box in Logic (on DIed signal), I'm starting to think a compressor might be the next serious addition to my pedal collection. I play a variety of alternative/indie rock with arty leanings. The Janglebox looks cool, and it's marketed at those chiming R.E.M. tones, but I've never had a chance to actually try one. Can anyone recommend me a pedal?

I'm also thinking of trying out a rack compressor in my chain per-amplification when I record (I work at a studio), just haven't gotten a chance yet. Obviously not something I can take to a gig, but sonically, good idea?
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keeley optical compressor, philosophers tone. those are the stombox ones i love most.

also, many people don't think of this, but running a compressor and something like the mxr 10 band into your amps effects chain can really give you some nice and sweet tones.