Hi Pit, I turn 18 next week, and I still don't have my driver's license (or any driver's ed completed). I know that those who get a driver's permit are required to wait 6 months before getting their full license, but I've heard varying reports as to whether or not that waiting period applies to those over 18. It's hard to get any solid answers on this matter; I mostly just get anecdotal or outdated evidence. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know. I've checked the DPS website and it doesn't say one way or another.

I live in Texas by the way. Thanks in advance.
in my state (CT) you don't, but not all states are the same.

and if you need any advice on passing the test, i can help.
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Pretty sure it's state by state, but its the same in CA as CT and FL apparently.
Put your foot to the floor until you instructor says he's failed you. It's part of the test, and if you don't lift, you pass.
In my state, DE, if you've never had a license before they'll put you on a permit but you can go back anytime after two weeks (but before two months) to take the driving test for the full license.

I was pretty much in the same boat as you.

Edit: But for people who have had a license before, they just give you a written/computerized test and send you on your way.
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I think at 18, if you can pass the test they'll give it to you. Not sure. Just call the DMV and ask.

this, simple.

in other news, i got my license yesterday

In CA, you can take the permit test, pass, then come back for your driving test if you're 18.
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