So, a couple of years ago I bought a PRS Se custom semi hollow with P90’s. Ever since I’ve been in love with PRS (the brand, not the guy&hellip and looking for a good deal on a real American made one. And a couple of weeks ago I came across this little one!

It’s a PRS McCarty, anno 2001. Wide-fat 22-fret neck, East coast maple top, vintage-style tuners, McCarty Pickups and a push/pull coil-tap on the tone control, 3-way toggle pickup selector.

The back is quite thicker than a normal prs (about 1/8 inch), the sound changed accordingly. Neck humbucker is pretty bass heavy, almost too much. But it does make up for it in single coil mode!
Bridge humbucker is incredible, there’s nothing more to say about it.

So we all know what mahogany back and maple top means. It rocks. Classic rock tones or a fat blues, some jazz and some heavy rock. Metal is a possibility, if you only want to use 1 guitar at a gig.

I used to have all those cheaper guitars, each for a specific style of music. That meant switching guitars pretty often during gigs, but I was always proud of my sound. But the McCarty kind of makes all these guitars superfluous. I never pick them up anymore! They just sit there...

As a PRS lover, I’m a bit biased (duh), so I won’t write a full review. BUT, I did try out a lot of different guitars in that price range (under 2k), and this one came out on top. The fat neck is comfortable, finish is perfect, incredible tones, easy access to higher frets.
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