oddly enough in researches i see single coils can also give good sounds with high gain yea its strange i always thought humbucker can do better, but single coils can do it without any that fuzzing interfering, just out of intrest i heard an overdrive sound which was rather screamy and longer lasting notes, how u get that sound, its beyond the average overdrive sound i hear its like they have an effect to make it sound so good?
It comes down to personal preference really. I usually play pretty clean, or light overdrive. But when I do play high gain, usually with a fuzz, I prefer using single coils.
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I heard a band play and the main guy used a red strat and it sounded amazing playing songs like force your way and the battle with gilgamesh, final fantasy songs by the black mages, it might be the amps at the end of the day but iv heard in other bands where the strats would give an anoying fuzzy sound which is where people point to humbucker.