I've been playing for about 2 years now so there's a lot to approve but the thing that annoys me the most is that I keep hitting the wrong string.
With fingerpinking, altpinking, basicly anything, I keep hitting the string up or down the string I need to hit. It's especially bad when I play whole lotta love.
Is there any way I can fix this?

Ps: Don't mind my english
practice everything SLOWLY, this is the key to be good guitarist
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I it is not a problem if you play Whole Lotta Love, because Page's style is so loose that he hits about all of the strings everytime he picks a string.
You need to work on the basics and sit there and stare at your your fingers while you play vary slowly, the only way to be good at something is to have a good foundation. You will eventually get a better feel for it.
i had this problem using a pick for the first time, so I learnt to play with my fingers and only began using a pick quite a bit later for lead guitar. even to this day, I use my fingers for rhythm guitar in a sort of weird, pick-like way. what with my obsession with tapping, i'd say I play with a pick only 30-40% of the time, which is unusual for a metal guitarist.

basically, do whatever comes most naturally and everything will gradually fall into place
Quote by floodzzzz
I practice, like 3-4 hours a day I just can't get it right.

lolno You shouldn't have this problem is your practicing 3 Hrs a day. You probably just suck.