I have a randall rx412 cab and thinking of replacing the stock speakers. i have a home built 2x12 cab with Eminence legends 16 ohm speakers wired for 8 ohms, and i love the tone. So i'm thinking eminence speakers something that would complement the legends.
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Well i'm running my ada preamps into a windsor head as a power amp. I will also be using a valveking part of the time when it arrives
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I guess it might help to say what types of music i normally play. I play alot of classic rock to 80's metal and some newer metal and rock as well, but stay closer to the 80's metal tone
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this is very confusing.

i think you would get more help if you could break up your long string of thoughts into seperate sentances.

maybe get 2 Legends and 2 Celestion Vintage 30s (or WGS Vet 30s) or G12K-100s

Sorry about should be easier to understand now.
2 legends
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