Hey guys,

I got a Lag 4 season summer dreadnought guitar yesterday.

I tried a whole loads of guitars whilst choosing, including Yamaha's, Tanglewood, Bristols and Seagull, but ended up buying the very first one I tried.

The Lag guitar is very satisfying to play. It has a very comfortable neck that feels very nice in my hand. It has a really nice satin finish all over. It is very light weight, which I always go for in a guitar. It has really nice electronics to, and just feels like great quality all round.

The tone is very warm and rich, and I also find it a little dark, which I like. It has a really nice resonance to.

The guitar cost £249, which I believes a bit less than its RRP, and the guitar seems very good for the money.

I may be able to provide some pictures in the morning if you want some.