Hello world,

I'm going to guitar center some time Sunday or Monday to shop for my first guitar.
I don't have any friends that play guitar so my sister is taking me. I will be looking at the following guitars and amps and maybe try out some others if they look good, Fender 50s vibe telecaster/strat, Fender g dec 3, fender mustang 1. If you know of other good ones feel free to add them.
My question is if I should even bother considering I don't know how to play a single note. I'm not sure if I can really get a good feel for a guitar if I can't play it. Any tips you can give me is appreciated.


Decked out with a First act cheep $30 guitar and included blue pick .
realise that you also need an amp, so factor that into your budget.

how much are you willing to spend?
What genres/bands are you looking to play? You're going to have to see if you like single coils or humbuckers. Also, check out several different brands.. You might like a chunky neck, you might like an Ibanez thin neck. You won't know until you try 'em.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to start on a modeling amp such as the Fender Mustang, but also look at the Peavey Vypyr, Vox VT, and the Roland Cubes. They're decent beginner amps.
You've been a member of this forum for a year and can't play a note?

You can't go wrong with the Classic Vibe for the price.
Yeah I was gonna buy a guitar last year when I joined the forums, things came up and I spent my money. I have $500 to spend. I like country, indie, classic rock, surf, I love Eric Clapton but to hell with ever being able to play like him. I really like fenders classic vibe telecaster and their g dec amp.
Decked out with a First act cheep $30 guitar and included blue pick .
I got a mustang 1 as my first amp and i gotta say im pretty happy with it.
Also, try everything out, and ask for advice from the staff. they're usually friendly and helpful.
oh one more thing: at this price range, you get what you pay for. Dont get something that'll crap out on you in a year.
If you don't know how to play a single note I highly recommend getting a starter pack. Many brands have a very basic beginners package that includes a guitar, amp, cords, picks, strap, and most of the time a DVD or book instructing you on how to start playing. It wont be the most awesome instrument, but since you do not know how to sum up a guitar yet it should not really make a difference. Besides, if you lose interest in it (like many beginners do, not to say you will though) then it at leasnt isnt such a financial blunder. If you end up enjoying playing guitar and become more interested, you can use the extra money you saved from buying the cheap starter pack and purchase a more intermediate guitar. You probably will have developed a better understanding for guitars by then and can make a better thought out decision.
True, I don't want to put $500 in it and fined I hate playing, but I thought that if I started out with quality I would be more likely to stick with it. I like some of agiles guitars but I don't think you can find those at GC to test them out.
Decked out with a First act cheep $30 guitar and included blue pick .
The Squier classic vibe series is a rock sold budget guitar. The mustang is a good modeler though I'd personally go with the Vox modeler.
peavey vypyr is boss. just saying.

also, if you can, try get an axe with hss. more versatile that way.

try so hard to get a modulation amp.

also, you should probably get a beginer book for chords etc. good luck!

I'm afraid I might get pushed into something that I will regret later. Hopefully all goes well. By the way, any suggestions on beginner how to books/websites?
Decked out with a First act cheep $30 guitar and included blue pick .
This website is rather good to learn things, Go over to the lessons page. Maybe look into a teacher. I find books to be droning and boring and only make you hate playing.
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The new fad is video lessons. Theyre so much more helpful than books and tablature. You get to see how its played and the instructors generally go slowly and show you how to play note by note. Just go on youtube, type in whatever song you want to learn and add "guitar lesson" to the end of it. Its a great start for beginners.
W4R likes the VTs
Spaz likes the vypyrs
I like the mustangs
Someone else likes the cubes.

Buy what sounds best to you. Well, I kind of have to warn you about this but at GC some employees try to make you buy a Line 6 Spider amp. It's because they get commission from selling those (the guy at GC told me) and they aren't really good compared to other amps in their price range.

The build quality on the Marshsall MGs are pretty bad. I'd warn you about the buzz on the mustang iiis but you probably won't consider that because of your budget. So anyway, the mustangs are good modelers and the CV strats/teles are pretty good value for money.
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You have $500? Well you could get a Mexican strat used for like 400 bucks, and a Mustang I for a 100 bucks.
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You have $500? Well you could get a Mexican strat used for like 400 bucks, and a Mustang I for a 100 bucks.

Mexican strats suck stock, and $400 for a mim strat is way too much considering they go for $200-$300 or less on craigslist all day. It is a better platform for upgrades though, but she doesn't even know if she will stick with the guitar.

And it's definitely worth it to spend a little more on an amp with a 10 speaker.