Just so were clear, I can play scales and arpeggios ridiculously fast and with really good accuracy (180+ bpm).

My issue isn't playing it properly, but duration of playing it.

When I take the song River Dragon from Nevermore, I find that the solo which runs a dim7 with some chromatics ends up being really taxing on the second digit fragment in the fingers. It's really confusing considering I can do sweeping for it at a much faster speed.

I've tried checking if my fingers are tight, but they're not. I play with minimal pressure... I'm completely lost. Maybe could it just be endurance? Could it be the wrist angle needed for doing certain things causing excess stress in the finger muscles?

Or lets say you wanted to blaze up and down C major at 190 bpm 16ths, would your fingers ever get tired after a while? Like maybe a minute or two? If so, is that just finger endurance or an actual technique issue I'll have to weed out?
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It's likely you'll just have to build up a bit more endurance. It would make sense to me that they would get tired after playing at those speeds for a while.
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its common for your forearm to get tired.. i don't really know about the fingers themselves getting tired. If i play straight for 3 hours they'll start to feel a bit weird, especially in big stretches, but its usually just the forearms
Well, You could try doing trill exercises regularly to build endurance if you don't already...Practicing will build endurance eventually anyway, but focusing on those kind of finger strength exercises could have an affect faster. And If it's the muscles in your forearm that get sore it's definitely just an endurance issue. Pain in joints and tendons is where problems start.
considering there are no muscles in the fingers its either technique or maybe your tendons aren't up to par with endurance
Try exercising, if your fingers still have the same pain or even more, go to your doctor, and don't force your hand so that if you force yourself much maybe you won't be able to guitar again. As I read, you aren't only tired but having pain right?
I keep a stress ball with me when I play and squeeze it about 10 times with each hand after a long run. It helps maintain the strength in the fingers and keeps them loose.

Was recommended to me by a friend of mine whos a fitness trainer. Works for me. Give it a try.
I have similar problem, if you can call it that.

My forearm muscles get fatigued when playing dim7 arpps. Major/minor arpps./ string skipping/alt/eco picking etc. is a breeze but those dim7s are wearing my out rather quickly
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I have a really strong grip from power lifting, and my left hand never gets tired. I do get cramps though if I'm not warmed up enough and playing fast.

If you don't body build, maybe this would be a good time to start?