even after 3 years of physics I know nothing about electronics and power.

Basically, I've been powering my pedals for years with your standard, run-of-the-mill wall adaptor/transformers. Only problem is I haven't really been paying attention to
the specs or anything.

My gear paranoia increases daily, so here's the deal.

Should I be powering them with a 300mA or a 500mA adaptor?
Will my pedals need more than 3? will a 5 fry them or will the pedals just take what they need?

Currently using a 400mA adaptor, but It's all I have so I want a backup, and I'm not willing to go down the battery road. Also a voodoo labs brick affair is just ridiculously
unnecessary. I'm using 4 pedals.

Korg pitch black > Ibanez ts9 > Boss DS-2 > TCelectronic Nova repeater.

thanks folks
Always get a power supply. You might just have 4 pedal now, but that will grow (trust me, it always does).

there are a couple of way to do this:
1 spot and a daisy chain
Dunlop Powerbrick
Voodoo Labs PedalPower 2
a powered pedalboard (SKB make nice ones)
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Pedals just take what they need. 300mA or 500mA will make no difference as long as your pedals don't suck more than 500mA in total. If the power supply doesn't give enough current, one or some of your pedals won't work, but they won't blow up
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what pedal companies list on the "power consumption" is the current draw. which means the pedals only pull what's necessary for them to run.

now on wall warts, they indicate the maximum current, that's the highest amount of current it can provide at an instant. so if you have say... a wah pedal that takes 10mA @9vDC. the 300mA wall wart will have an easy time handling that since it can still feed 290mA to some other pedal. up and ready for some daisy chaining.

if you have a wall wart that can only give 100mA, and you have a pedal that requires 250mA, you're in trouble. the wall wart will get hot, the pedal will probably get toasty as well, and it won't make a sound (since the pedal is probably digital).
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And to add...
Standard wall warts like what you may find at radioshack and such, suck. Noisy little buggers in my experience.
Get one designed/made for pedals and such.
I'm good with polarity, no worries there.

I considered a brick for a while, but right now it's not what I need/want at all. I've already cut a wah and a chorus out of my rig because i don't really need them. I'm playing in a coverband and 9 times out of ten all I need is clean and dirty.

Another question. I take it the amp requirement adds up? so if I have an overdrive taking
15mA and a wah taking 200mA that'll be pulling 215mA from my power supply?

Also the only pedal that I've ever had a noise problem with was the DS-2. Horrible
digital, gritty hum when used with any power supply other than a boss PSU. As long as it's not first in the pedal chain i seem to be able to use whatever though.
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I'm borrowing my friend's MIJ TS9 pedal, wondering if I should run it on 200mA or 300mA, I have a Voodoo Labs ISO 5 BTW.