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Sounds pretty cool. It's sort of like As Blood Runs Black in a sense.

Not really.
This choice is passion, this path is tension.
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Hey guys, just looking for some criticism on this song. C4C also of course. Thanks.

Nothing new or exciting about it. It doesn't get my motor running at least.
That intro slammed me to the floor.
Some pretty technical looking guitar work as well.'
Riffs were pretty sweet.
I'd work on the solo, it started off pretty well but it didn't end good.
Maybye a end it with a massive pinch harmonic or a blazing tapping lick or arpeggio?
I could imagine how awesome this song would sound with voacals, defiently not a bad song, but I think the solo needs improvemnt and the bridge should be longer.

Could easily be made into an 8.5/10.

Pretty good