All the chords except C#m7 look like they should be pretty straightforward. And there's a diagram at the bottom showing fingerings.
If the problem is with reading the diagrams, the numbers they list go from bottom to top, from low E to high e. The numbers are the frets. So for example, the E is 022100, so leave the E, B, and e' strings open, and hold down the second fret on the A and D strings, and the first fret on the G string.
Also, they messed up the D chord: it should be xx0232, not xx0323.
Er...no chords to a beginner is straight forward.

Go to Justin Guitar's website and he has videos for every open chord there is. It's under that beginner/basic module or something. Justinguitar(dot)com

I suggest starting with the Em chord.
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